Food Safety

Meeting national standards: Food safety program.

Each PISA meal consists of a soup, main course and dessert. These meals are prepared in our kitchen and then safely stored in temperature controlled eskies before being transported by our volunteers who deliver meals to our clients.

PISA is expected to follow the strict food safety standards under the Australian Department of Health.PISA kitchen

Under the Food Safety Standards we have eight areas of controls we must follow. They are: receipt; storage; thawing; preparation; cooking and reheating; cooling; transport; service and delivery. Under these controls we monitor food temperatures; thawing procedures; reheating temperatures; temperatures of transported meals; storage temperatures and cleaning procedures. We also monitor the maintenance of equipment and cleaning products to ensure everything is working at its best and regularly documented. Staff are provided with regular training which is supported by staff meetings where any issues are addressed immediately.

All information is documented daily and stored for the auditing process. By monitoring food temperature, we are able to provide safe food to our clients ensuring they are free from risk.

We are committed to ensuring safe food preparation, cooking and delivery of our meals because our clients are very important to us. They are part of the PISA family. PISA's food safety standards are audited annually by the Australian Department of Health and the local council Authority who conduct snap inspections.

PISA continues to work in this framework of excellence and our motto of continuous improvement and education will continue into the future.